Connecting Teams and People to the Knowledge They Possess

That’s the wisdom within.

Welcome to Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting, LLC, a boutique facilitation, training and consulting firm focused on partnering with non-profit and public sector organizations. We also work with professional associations and organizations made up of mostly volunteers.

Welcome to Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting

Partnering with non-profit, public sector, and professional organizations.



All individuals and groups have wisdom and the capacity to generate ideas, make decisions, solve problems and learn new skills.


Everyone has something to contribute, and everyone has something to learn in the process of organizational improvement.


A strengths-based approach is more powerful and efficient than attempting to mitigate weaknesses.


People working in organizations usually have the best answers to addressing challenges and solving problems.


All individuals and groups have strengths that should be amplified to achieve their desired outcomes.


Facilitation is transformative and expert facilitation engages participants in activities and experiences focused on specific goals and outcomes.

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