About Us

Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training, and Consulting is a company dedicated to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. We operate on the belief that every individual, regardless of their position or background, has a unique set of strengths and potential waiting to be unleashed.



All individuals and groups have wisdom and the capacity to generate ideas, make decisions, solve problems and learn new skills.


Everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn in the process of organizational improvement.


A strengths-based approach is more powerful and efficient than attempting to mitigate weaknesses.


People working in organizations usually have the best answers to addressing challenges and solving problems.


All individuals and groups have strengths that should be amplified to achieve their desired outcomes.


Facilitation is transformative and expert facilitation engages participants in activities and experiences focused on specific goals and outcomes.

cindy getty founder wisdom within facilitation training and consulting

About our Principal

Cindy Getty, M.S., MODL

Cindy Getty is the Principal and Founder of Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting, LLC, a boutique firm focused on partnerships with public sector and non-profit organizations that need professional facilitation, training and/or consulting services. We also work with professional associations and volunteer or civic organizations.

Cindy is an award-winning facilitator, trainer, and workforce development professional with expertise in training and development, program design and program management, process design, planning, and leadership development. In addition to working for non-profit organizations and county and state governments, Cindy has spent the last 24 years leading training, workforce development and capacity building efforts for infectious and chronic disease programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She has a deep understanding of public health and remains committed to working with communities to bring about healthy changes.

As a facilitator, training instructor, and consultant, Cindy understands the importance of proactive and collaborative problem-solving as she engages groups to bring forth their best work. Her specialty is creating environments and experiences that help groups and individuals tap into their collective power to generate ideas, make decisions and solve problems. She also creates safe environments where people can learn new skills with application and practice for real-world work.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Indiana University-Bloomington and a Master of Science degree in Organization Development and Leadership from St. Joseph University-Philadelphia.