What we do, and how we do it. 

Our Services

Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting can help you address the challenges and problems facing your organization. If your employees need additional skills to meet an evolving mission or scope of work, we can help. If your leaders need additional skills to work to their full potential or if your organization could benefit from improving processes or efficiency in order to grow or transform, we can help. If you need help planning for the future, we can help. If you need to learn more about your stakeholder or customer perspectives, we can help. We provide training, meeting facilitation, technical assistance and consultation by working with you to ensure that the needs of your organization are met, and your employees (and volunteers) are part of the solutions.

When you work with Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting, LLC you will receive the following expert services:


Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting provides facilitation services to large and small groups. Facilitation is the process of helping groups achieve a common goal or outcome through dialogue, collaboration, and active participation. As facilitators we guide the process, encourage interaction, and support the group’s creativity. Facilitation skills used in this work include powerful questioning, active listening, feedback, managing group dynamics, and adapting to the group’s needs and preferences.

Our facilitation services include the following:


We listen to your needs and help you turn your ideas into specific products and deliverables.  Before any event begins, we gather the ideas of participants to discover areas of agreement—and potential challenges.  We use various tools and techniques to gather information, including participant interviews and web-based surveys.


We can provide meeting facilitation for your pre-determined agenda or design a tailored agenda for you. Our goal is an event and experience specifically tailored to your group, which engages attendees and accomplishes your goals.


We structure and guide conversations to keep things on track and participants energized. During the meeting, facilitators capture action steps as they arise and guide the group toward the goal. After the meeting, everyone confirms group-generated action items and who will be accountable for their implementation.

Evaluation & Follow Up

Meetings and events are only as good as the actions that come from them. We provide an evaluation of the event and its outcomes and we provide a quick turnaround of the meeting minutes and notes so you can take immediate action.


Training is a formal process by which instructors teach skills in order to help people improve performance at work.  At Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting, we understand and incorporate adult learning principles into every training design and delivery.  Training sessions accommodate different learning styles, and participants are given opportunities to practice the skills they are learning.  During the session, we adjust the training to the group dynamics so the entire group can advance as one cohesive unit.

Our training services include the following:


We help you determine what skills your group can most benefit from and how best to teach those skills to increase success toward achieving the goals of your organization so you see results.


Similarly, we can provide training according to an established curriculum/curricula or design a training session specifically for your needs. When designing training sessions, we use established curriculum design methods and practices.


We teach interactive sessions using established and creative methods in order to make learning stick. We include practical applications and practice in every session so that learners are able to take validated skills back to work with them.

Evaluation & Follow Up

We work with training sponsors to provide as much evaluation follow up as requested. Using the Kirkpatrick Model for training evaluation, we can provide evaluation as simple as a satisfaction survey or as complex as complex as on-the-job performance after the training.


Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training and Consulting provides a variety of consulting and technical assistance services. Areas of expertise include Training of Trainers (ToT) and facilitators, process design (and redesign), leadership development, communication skills, health counseling, disease intervention, team building and conflict management.

When you work with us on consulting and technical assistance projects, you get:


We collaborate with you to determine the issues you are trying to address, the strengths of your organization and/or the group with which you are working.


Based on the assessment, we work with you to determine which issues are most important and the priority for addressing them.

Recommendations & Solutions

Depending on the nature of the issues, we will provide you with advice on how to proceed and practical solutions to implement. You will work with us to determine the course of action.

Evaluation & Follow Up

We work with you to evaluate how recommendations and solutions were implemented. This can be as simple as a satisfaction survey or as complex as an analysis of performance on the job after training.