Why Us?

The benefits of hiring a professional facilitator and/or trainer like Wisdom Within Facilitation, Training, and Consulting.

Many leaders wonder why they should hire a professional facilitator when they regularly lead meetings and make presentations.  Similarly, many leaders wonder why they should hire a professional training instructor when they, themselves, are subject matter experts and know they want their staff to know.  They wonder if the expense is worthwhile and whether it would be more cost effective and efficient to do work themselves.

Although facilitation is a skill every leader likely has to varying degrees, the reality is that no leader can do everything or be an expert in all areas.  Every leader’s time is valuable and should be spent setting the long- and short-term strategic direction for your employees, planning and/or assigning work, managing tasks and collaborating with others.   Many leaders simply don’t have the time to dive into planning meaningful meetings or training nor is there time to conduct multiple group sessions to get work done. 

Wisdom Within’s facilitation and training services have helped organizations get more done in meetings by assisting with coordination to create the perfect setting for a productive event and creating experiences that move groups forward toward their goals.

Our facilitation and training services benefit you by:

Providing Structure To Get More Done

Effective meetings and training sessions need to have structure, and Wisdom Within will help you develop the meeting or training structure you need. We’ll brainstorm with you to determine the best agenda flow and activities to get your event moving and we’ll provide you with the materials needed to make it happen. With this structure, you can minimize dead air and uncertainty and be ready to address challenges as they come up.  You’ll spend your time as efficiently as possible and get more done by the end of your meeting or training.

Encouraging Full Participation

We know that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to participate in a group process when you’re trying to lead the group.  Hiring a professional facilitator or training instructor allows everyone to fully participate in the process or event at hand.  Professional training and/or facilitation also ensures that group dynamics are productive and everyone is able to be heard.

Reduced Stress

Unproductive meetings and training sessions are stressful as are meetings or training sessions with poor communication among participants.  This type of stress can increase poor or negative relationships within the work unit.   A professional trainer/facilitator can reduce stress by focusing on goals, forward action and effective communication as well as skill development.

Managing Details

Details are essential in any meeting or training and the more important the event, the more details there are to plan for. Wisdom Within will help your business handle them all by either taking care of the more mundane tasks and consulting with you to identify any organization-specific ones or by coaching you on what needs to be done to hold an effective event. With our help, you can be ready for anything.

Improved Problem-solving, Creativity, and Skill Mastery

A professional facilitator or training instructor can design experiences that encourage problem-solving, creativity and skill mastery from all members of the group.  As more members feel ready and willing to participate, they will often find creative ways to solve problems or address challenges.